Your company is a specialist in insurance, the consultant is an expert in you


The eruption of technology, the more informed consumers, and increasingly demanding consumer as well as the demand for a service tailored to each client are some of the challenges faced by consultants today.


The first rule to change paradigm is "know your customer". After all, if you don’t know your potential customer, there is no way to reach him, knowledge of your audience is the first step to change their thinking and pursue the objectives and sales strategies that allow you to meet your goals.


A consultant analyzes every need and proposes effective plans that provide all the risks to which your customer is exposed, keeping in mind the cost of the insurance offered is reasonable with the current cost of the market.


Insuring only isolated risks is not enough. It’s like closing the front door of your home and leaving the back one open. This is why a Smart & Smart consultant knows the competitive advantages of your company and analyzes what is best for each of their needs to present to the client.


It also has a broader picture to see each reality from the point of view of the insured, studying each situation offers an added value that meets unique promise of a sale and ensuring immediate responses to customers.


The expectations of today's customers, are growing fast, expecting a similar experience from insurance as with other products and services of their daily lives.