Persuading a person about the acquisition of a particular product or service and ensuring that this action is carried out sufficiently at certain costs, is a great benefit for both the person who exercises the process of selling and the company it represents.

Today, people are more prepared than 50 years ago, they know more about a product and have different offers before them that entice them to buy despite the high competition that exists in the market. This drives the sales professional not only to create this as a support of daily work, but to place on the basis of creative ingenuity the challenge of producing customers, making them faithful and lifelong.

Carlos Rosales, author of the book "People Buy People", relates in of one of so many stories in which his self-confidence and, consequently, the creativity to exercise the sales profession, have been revealed, without leaving the belief and autonomy in the decisions that, as professionals we make when doing our job, and this has to do with the determination that a salesman achieves when extending the spectrum of an insurance service in a market that has not been as hard-working as others, and this led him to attain a better status within the sales process and achieve the greatest success in his professional career.

The act of selling now requires a higher level of preparation, just as actors rehearse their script as a requirement for execution of their roles, sales professionals, are formed and supported by others skills acquired through experience to deal positively and effectively with the customer.

Each part that makes up the sales process is extremely important and the most successful sales professional in the world would never ignore any of them.