Persuasion and empathy, key elements in the sales process


The comprehensive advisory services in the areas of risk and insurance, must be focused on the needs of protection and other aspirations of their insured and potential clients, before, during and after the insurance contract.

There must be persuasion and empathy in how to influence the customer, since the consultant must take the client's place.

The new paradigms that complement the Smart & Smart consultant are based on the formation of an integrated nature which point to cognitive, evaluative and procedural.

It is for this reason that the capture and analysis of customer information related to a product (or service), with regard to the use, needs, wants, desires and behavior, is a critical mission for Smart & Smart.

Under this premise, emphasis on the importance of "Build a long-term client bond based on confidence and the quality of service (attention and response)". See in the 4th capsule Positive Psychology.

On the other hand when there is customer's integration through various points of contact and through all channels, it is seen as essential for the future success of the company. This reason, forces the current consultant to pay greater attention to details with which you can make a difference.