An Internet of Things that transforms the offer of an insured customer


The Internet of Things is a present reality to the world of insurance. Not only does it help to customize the premium customer, but also is revolutionizing the user's contact with the insurance company.


At present, insurance companies propose offers adapted to the state of health and the way of life of its users, thanks to connected objects that retrieve information that, through mobile applications or electronic bracelets you can monitor their physical exercise in real time (steps, intensity, resistance).


Any activity within the insurance sector is spared from the wave of evolution and innovation brought by the digital age. Through the Internet of Things, policyholders benefit from a reduction in their premiums if they continue a healthy pace of life, previously defined with the insurer.


It is for this reason that, with the information obtained through the health of the human body, it improves the value of your insurance policies; and the development of a range of support services and services related to the Internet of Things, allowing to establish alliances with the owners of the platforms for the exchange of data shared by them.


As a result, a proposal of value raised by insurers must be focused in the first place, customizing the offer in order to improve the selection of risks in order to propose custom prices and guarantees.


Secondly, it must be focused on prevention and early detection, reducing the number of claims. And in the third place, the increased momentum in the relationship with the customer, which translates into an increase in the proximity and frequency of interactions among other things.