A satisfied customer is the result of good service


The great challenge that insurance companies have today, is to implement marketing in order to achieve that each customer feels satisfied and that their needs are met, but due to the social dynamics and the business culture, in addition to the arrival of the new technologies, there is still the need for changes in the philosophy and way of doing things.

This means empowering internally these companies with a "culture" that you need to have consultants with a positive attitude, with a great sense of responsibility and with sufficient training to be able to communicate to customers all intangible assets that carries the word service or product.

In this regard, Smart & Smart focuses its philosophy to get the total well being of all its clients through good service and excellent attention, with added values, because a satisfied customer is one whose expectations of the product or service are both achieved.

The insurance market has become global and highly competitive all of a sudden, therefore, the quality of care has become imperative in the 21st century and therefore organizations dedicated to the industry cannot afford to suffer delays in this aspect.

The search for new expectations of the products is channelled through two channels: one internal and one external. The external route is formed by the customers themselves with their direct and indirect demands, their behaviors and their new customs.

And in the case of the domestic channel it is located in the company itself, with informative and well-structured internal training, because the company can come to find new values in their products, which turn it into a leader in the market.